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About PureBorn

In 2016, when our Pureborn Founder and CEO, Hannah Curran became a mother, she realized most baby essentials such as traditional nappies contribute to so much damage to our environment. Hannah wanted to start a movement by creating a line where all the components of a single nappy is safe for her baby and most importantly, kind to our planet. This led her to a journey focused on finding the right sustainable ingredients and materials that are eco-friendly. After a year of research and perseverance, Hannah launched Pureborn in 2017 in the United Arab Emirates. To date, our brand has successfully developed all our products to be safe for our babies with organic, sustainable and compostable formulas and ingredients that will ensure we provide healthier alternatives to parents at the same time contribute less carbon footprint to our planet. At Pureborn, we aspire to continue our efforts in building a brand that believes and prides itself in creating a community of parents with pure transparency and love to our planet Earth.

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